Rulesto apply for a 'Moeshoekje'


I find it really important the kitten will be offered a forever home. Of course I understand that in exeptional cases a crisis can happen for whatever reason. However IMajken expect I will be the first to be informed if a cat that was bred by me is due to be rehomed and I will give all effort together with you to find that new home the cat deserves.

Waiting list, options and reservations
If you can find yourself in the rules below, you are always free to report your interest without obligation when kittens are expected. You will then be on the waiting list.
When the kittens are actually born you will receive a message and if you are still interested, please let me know. I do not mantain an specific order in the waiting list, for me the best match between kitten and future owners is leading.

After the birth of the kittens, you can take an option on a kitten in consultation with me. This means that we plan a date on which you visit the cattery and get to know mother, kittens and me (see also Kitten visit). After this visit we will agree a 'cooling off' period in which you can think it over again and discuss with your loved ones if you want to go for that kitten. And on the other hand I'll have also for myself a period to decide whether I can confirm the match between you and the kitten.

When both you and I feel that the kitten is the right one for you and you are going to take this kitten in your household and want to give it your love for a lifetime, the kitten will be reserved for you and is no longer available to others.

Kitten visit
By appointment and usually from the age of 3-4 weeks, unless required otherwise by the health of mother or kittens. I do not give kittens along with a first visit. After an introduction to the kitten, his parents and me, and there is a match, an appointment is scheduled for the kitten to be allowed to move to his or her new address.

Down payment
I consider a sale as a sale when the kitten is handed over to the new owner and the Sales agreement is signed by both parties. So no downpayment is asked or accepted.

Vaccinations and deworming
When the kitten moves out to the new owner, it's dewormed several times, vaccinated with live attenuated vaccine against catflu (Feline HerpesVirus and Feline Calicivirus) and distemper (Feline Panleukopenia)*. Furthermore it will be microchipped.
*In agreement, it can be vaccinated additionally (at additional charge namely the actual costs of the vaccinations, as used by my vet Makatsi).

Moving out
The kitten does not move out earlier then at the age of 14 - 17 weeks old. In case of rabies vaccination and/or castratrion it may be even later than that. I do not support the so-called slow introduction method when it means that after moving, the kitten is the only cat for a period of more than one day in a separate room which is not a standard part of the living space of the residents of that house (human and animal). In that case, we are not the designated parties to do business with each other and I will advise the aspirant buyer to look elsewhere for a kitten. This also applies to aspirant buyers who want to house their cat in an area less than 6 square.

The paperwork
The kitten has a Neocat pedigree, that wil be handed over to the new owner after full payment together with the filled out Owners Certificate and the European Pet Passport. Sweetie met kitten Kissy

Additional to that, I use a Sales agreement (in Dutch only) that will be signed by me and the new owner at transfer of the kitten.

Pet vs Breeding
Our kittens are only sold as a pet. In the Purchase agreement (in Dutch only) you will sign that the kitten will not be used as stud neither for breeding.
It also includes a penalty clause in case the animal gets offspring in spite of what was signed for.
In exceptional cases, we deviate from this principle. In that case, it will be included in the Purchase agreement that the kitten may be bred when adult.

Male kittens move out neutered; the cost of the castration is included in the price. For that reason male kittens will not move out earlier than the age of at least 16/17 weeks. Because an abdominal surgery is needed to neuter females and more narcosis is needed, So most of the times the female kittens move out of the cattery whithout being neutered. The same applies to male kittens whose balls (1 or both) are not descended yet. Female kittens are allowed to move out of the cattery at the age of at least 14 weeks.

I ask a price of 725 euro for a kitten, both for males and for females. Additional vaccinations or tests are at the expense of the new owner and will be added to the price mentioned before. The males move out neutered, no additional fee is charged for this. In case of female kittens that moved out without being neutered: when written proof of that specific cat being neutered is presented to me, I will refund 60 euro to the owner that bought the cat from me (as will be specified in the purchase agreement).

Of course the kitten will be provided with al starterkit with a generous amount of cat food (on desire dry food or raw frozen meat), snacks, toys and information about the breed and how to take good care of the kitten (in Dutch only).

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