KittenweightsNorwegian Forest cat

Unsure wether your Norwegian Forestkittens gain enough weight the first weeks of their lives? With our free Kittenweightcalculator we make it possible to calculate the expected increase in kittenweight per day, based on the birthweight you gave in.

calculator kittengewichten Noorse boskatAt this moment the Kittenweightcalculator is only avaible in Dutch.

With the calculator we provide tables in which you can keep track of the weights, compared to the average weight gain of a kitten of that birth weight. This average weight is a guideline; of course there will be kittens that will weigh below average, and that there will be kittens that are above.

The Kitten weight calculator has been developed based on the weight data of 264 Norwegian forest cat kittens (142 males and 114 females, measured from birth weight up to and including week 13 weight).

In 2010 the Kitten weight calculator version 2 became a fact; unfortunately we have not been able to build an online application like with version 1. For the current version, you must have a spreadsheet program such as Excel installed on your PC.

To compensate for this, we have added a number of tabs in which you can keep track of the weights of your kittens, compared to the average growth of a kitten with that birth weight. Below a screenshot:

screenshot van een tabel om zelf kittengewichten bij te houden, afgezet tegen de verwachte kittengewichten

There are two variants available:

  • DOWNLOADversion 2.1 for Microsoft Excel 2007 and above
  • DOWNLOADversion 2.1 for Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or other spreadsheetprograms
  • CLICK HERE for the manual (Dutch only)


But of course we still offer online pages per birthweight in the table below: